A walk in the fall colored forest

Karine and I went for a walk in the beautiful fall landscape today. We found some huge fields for the dogs to run and play, and a bit of off-piste walking for some muscle training as well.
All four dogs had a lot of fun, it was really nice that Lassie and Storm went along. The first time they met that wasn’t exactly the case!
Storm had to be on his leash most of the time, to keep the strain on his back moderate. He seems to be fine now, an hour after we came home, so I’m not too worried about him getting too much exercise. His back has improved SO much lately! He is such a happy pooch now! Yey!
Storm found something really smelly to roll in, so my car smells like green, yucky, dead carcus now. The dogs both had a bath when we came home, but it’s a little harder to fit my car in the bathtub!
It’s kind of hard to reward Orkan’s recalls with tugging, but I was actually pleasantly surprised today. He tugged quite well several times (let’s forget the times he turned around and walked off when I showed him the toy)…
I got a letter today from my insurance company, saying I had reached the limit for rehabilitation coverage. Bullshit! The first time we were there (costing 2000 kr – approx 400 USD) was an “undersøkelse” (survey, inspection, inquiry – I have no idea what you call it when a vet checks the dog to see if something is wrong), not rehabilitation. No treatment, just checking out. I don’t agree with them that this qualifies as rehablitation just because the vet is a rehabilitation expert… Grrrr…

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