We’re in the middle of descision making 🙂 There miiight be a puppy arriving here soon! It’s Sigurd’s turn to have a dog, and it is time for a bird hunting dog. We have a cabin in between the mountains and forrests of Telemark, which is surrounded by a good bird terrain. Sigurd grew up hunting there with his family’s Swedish Lapphund (Svensk Lapphund), but in my opinion they have too much, too long, too “shed-able” furr (google it’ you’ll see!).

The hunting form is quite special, the dog searches for birds, then follow them to the tree they decide to sit in, and stay under that tree barking until the hunter gets close enough for a shot. The ideal dog for this kind of hunting would be a Finnish Spitz (Finsk Spets), but they are too much of a hunter and too little of everything else to fit into our family.

Sooo… The breed we are looking at is related to both of these, they were bred for herding reindeer: Lapponian Herder (Lapsk Vallhund). This is the puppy we’re going to Sweden to meet next week. If we decide to take her home, her name will be “Bris” (breeze) since we already have a “Storm” and an Orkan (Hurricane). Aaah! We melted when we saw the pictures…

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