Photoshoot: Bris

Today we had a little photoshoot with Bris in the snow. She enjoys being outside, and loves to explore. She has a lot of energy, and it’s not always easy to get her to calm down and sleep as much as we would like her to :-p
She came with me when I was running some errands, and since she was a bit tired, I tried leaving her in the car when I went in to do my shopping. First I just took a few steps away from the car, to see if she started to cry or something. But she just lay down, and went back to sleep. Pleasant! I’ve never had a puppy that coped so well with being alone! Of course being very tired contributed, but with Orkan I could still never have done the same. With him, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without him.
Here are some pictures from today:

Daddy’s girlI’m gonna get’cha!More treats, please?Pretty!Who don’t love a cuddle?Exploring the white worldFloppy ears…Long tail 🙂She is the first puppy I’ve known who instantly loved the snow!

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