Nice training with Orkan

Yesterday Orkan functioned very well, after a while of not really being himself (tired, not wanting to do anything). We’re still going to Laxmi tomorrow, but I feel a bit better after a session of Orkan being “on” again. We still had some cases of running to another dog, but let’s blame that on puberty 😉
I was planning to proof some one jump exercises with more distance etc, but it worked so well, that I decided to add a tunnel in the equation. This is what it looked like, and the distances was a lot bigger than we have done before, like 20 meters from the far tunnel entry to the jump.

D-A was easy, just a lot of running. Then I got to do some tunnel exiting (calling his name = turn to me to get your toy, no calling = run ahead to get your toy). His turns were not exactly tight yesterday! We need to work more on that, but it’s hard since the arena we train in now in the winter is so dusty, he doesn’t really like picking up a thrown toy.
C-A more or less the same.
A-C was also a lot of running, not much else to say about it.
B-D (sending on refusal plane) was easier than I thought. I guess all that one jump work is paying off! Still, when he got a bit tired (one of the last sessions), he tried to do C instead of D if I didn’t support his line. Needs work.
B-C with a front cross was easy for him, as long as I got there in time for a proper positional cue. If I was too far up and to the right, he didn’t see the jump when I executed the cross, and he lost speed.
A-D we didn’t try, need more proofing of refusal plane first.

Distance was definately a challenge, but it was just as hard as we needed to have the right success rate. Fun training 🙂

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