Dog gear – in lack of training to write about…

Like many of my fellow agility-addicts I am a bit of a shopoholic on behalf of my dogs. So…. In lack of any recent training to brag about (remember, Orkan isn’t feeling well), I’m posting pictures of some of the latest dog stuff:

Both Storm and Orkan have gotten new leather collars! Storm’s one is exactly like the old, only his old one was completely worn out… I love the design, and was SO hapy to find a new one, since they stopped making them more than a year ago!I got Bris a leather collar at Europris, costing 20 kr! (like 3 dollars) At that price, I can live with the fact that she’ll outgrow it soon 🙂 She also has a grown-up collar waiting for her. All girlies need to have some “bling”! (Sigurd didn’t really agree on the pretty colour and ‘diamonds’)
And then they all got new leather leashes, also costing 20 kr at Europris. Really nice quality, and it’s great to have the same length when walking three dogs at once, to avoid the mess of some leashes hanging too low, getting dirty or tangled up in dogs legs etc… Notice that they match the collars!I got a new skiing harness for Orkan (the one to the left). I put yellow reflective straps on it and like the new look! After trying it on a skiing trip I decided I really liked the design. It has the same front as a Nome harness, but is more simple in the back, and comes in small sizes (I have tried to find a Nome for my small dogs, but never succeeded in finding anything that really fit them). The only thing I have gotten to work on my little ones is the webmaster harness from ruffwear, but they have a tendency of sliding to the side. This one has such a loose fit that it corrects its position even if it’s dragged to the side. Storm wanted one too, but since it was really expensive I made one for him myself (the red and grey one). Not as goodlooking as the other, but it saved me a log of money. I almost consider being a tiny bitty bproud of that one 😉
I’ve made a lot of dog toys lately, but I have sold most of them, so this is the only one I have left to take pictures of. Not the best looking one, but it’s loved deeply by all my dogs, the combination of sheepskin and a squeaker is a sure winner Too bad I didn’t think of taking pics of the others, some of the bungee ones with black and lime-green handles were really pretty 🙂

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