Food change – again…

Ok. So the light-food didn’t work out. Orkan got tired, unhappy, hungry, and still not any less fat.
Now I’ve talked with my dog food schientist teacher, I’ve talked with Laxmi, I’ve talked a LOT with Karine, and I’ve read some articles. We’re changing food again!
Now we’re trying low carb (I know that sounds like the average human dieting!), hoping that less carbohydrates will give less insulin release, and therefore less tiredness, less hunger and hopefully also less fat.
So yesterday Orkan got his first meal of “Vom og hundemat”, high protein, high fat, no carbs. I also add some undigestable carbohydrates (cauliflower, bran, etc) to keep his stomach going, but that has almost no glychemic value…

Pettson: “Då var det bara att vattna och vänta.” (etter å ha sådd frø)
Findus: “Vattna du, så väntar jag!”

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