Orkan has gotten a haircut today… Since the covering hair around his neck and hind legs was really long, the wool didn’t come off like it should have when shedding, and he got pretty matted. I guess most owners just keep up with the combing, but both Orkan and I really hated it (kind of painful, right), so I decided to see what he’d look like without his long coat. You wouldn’t believe how much hair he really had! Amazing! It fills a whole plastic bag…
And no – there won’t be any pictures!

ok, ok, ok…. Lots of you have asked for pictures. WARNING: if you are a schipperke lover, don’t scroll down, you risk having a heart attac!

He really looks odd now, but I’m sort of happy I did this, because when I got under the top coat, he turned out to have some matting, especially on his hind legs, which I would never even have known about under all that long fur. Makes me wonder if that’s normal on schipperkes? Can’t be pleasant…
Ok, here’s the pics…


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