My world collapsing

Storm fell on his head today. He has been in Horten with Sigurd and Bris the last couple of days, and today Sigurd walked in on him standing on the table. Storm got scared when Sigurd entered, and tried to jump to the floor, but fell. His feet didn’t help him at all, his head crashing to the floor. He screamed, eyes rolling, not albe to keep control of his body. Everything moved slow. Sigurd rushed him to the nearest vet immediately, borrowing the neighboors’ car.

Luckily his neck didn’t break, he doesn’t seem to have serious brain damage, and after several check-ups and a cortizon shot (I think – I was on the phone the whole time, trying to hear what was said and what happened) to avoid swelling in his head, they got to go home to Sigurd’s parents’ house and relax. Storm has to be alone, no interaction with other dogs, and he will be woken up every fifteen minutes to monitor him and avoid passing out…

Not much more to say right now, except we pray and hope he’ll get through this… Complete and utter sadness…

Storm – we love you…

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