Bris’ first puppy show

Kritikk (in norwegian): For alderen passe stor. Godt skåret hode som mangler utvikling i bredde. Store ører (dominerende, som han uttalte det, red.anm.). Pene øyne. Godt utviklet kropp med bra bryst (sjelden med så bra utviklet forbryst sa han, red.anm.). Bra hale. mg ben og bevegelser. Litt høy haleføring under bevegelse. Meget lovende. 1-1-BIR-BIS3

Critique: Aproperiate size for age. Nicely cut head, lacks some development in width. Large ears. Goodlooking eyes. Well developed body with very good front. Good tail. Very good legs and movements. Tail a bit high when moving. Very promising. Best quality, Best of breed, Third best in show.

I did the handling, since I’d done most of the training, and we (Sigurd mostly) were a bit concerned that she wouldn’t walk or stand very nicely. I had done a bit of training with her the day before, but not much else, so reverse luring (it’s your choice game) gave me a huge advantage! She stood like an angel! 😀 She also walked pretty, and behaved at the teeth check and the measureing. Lots of free puppy food, toys, glass bowls, other stuff (MY – puppy shows give a lot of prizes!) and good socialisation. All in all: good puppy!

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