FCI agility world championship 2015

This post will be in English, because someone said they wish I’d  write in English more often, and I guess the AWC being an international event, this is as good an opportunity as any.

Short version: I am so grateful! Kuling has grown up, I have grown into a championship competitor. We are not a person and a dog any more, we are a team! And that team feeling, that is priceless.

Just before our team agility run, FCI agility world championship 2015. Photo: Jukka Pätynen / Koirakuvat.fi

We have been home a week now, and, oh, our new home that is! Sigurd moved us into our new house while I was in Italy. This summer has been about all but agility, fixing house for sale, looking more and more desperately for a new home, and now, finally, starting to move in. Both the Nordic and the world championship have been tiny little breaks from the housy theme, and Kuling has performed way above expectation in both of them! Considered he is still a puppy in my eyes, just turned the clock from four to five years, and had more or less no agility training (or training at all) this summer, I can’t believe he is turning into such a star!

Results wise, summing up our AWC is easy. We only ran team (sadly we had a pretty bad last and most important weekend of tryouts), and both our team runs could have been clean (and felt great!) had it not been for some seriously strict judge decisions. A virtually invisible refusal in jumpers, and a sliding teeter call in standard.

Photo: Jukka Pätynen, koirakuvat.fi

The good thing, and I really mean the only important thing, is – I loved both our runs! I felt confident, happy, had tears in my eyes both before (for the oh, so amazing Norwegian supporters who just lifted us onto and through the courses) and after our runs (the overwhelming gratitude of experiencing these adventures with my four legged teammate.

Walking down the stairs to that corridor of stars, just before our runs, what I actually said to our coach was: “right now, the supporters are more nervous than I”!

Photo: Jukka Pätynen, koirakuvat.fi

There is so much I could say. But sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our new house for a week, still hasn’t gotten me rested to the point of thinking straight. The downside of adventuring when my body is fighting one hell of a chronic illness, is this hangover. I knew it would come, I knew I would feel like this, I know it will get better after a few weeks rest, but still I find it hard to focus on that light in the end of the tunnel. Pain, fatigue, cloudy thoughts.

That smile. I love it. So much. Photo: Jukka Pätynen/Koirakuvat.fi

So, the one thing i will remember to say, before leaving you with this concoction of clips, happiness and mantra music is: Thank you Ida, thank you Kuling, thank you supporters, for giving me these memories of gratitude!

EDIT: if you want to see behind the scenes pictures from our first AWC (2014, I tried to document what it is like to qualify and travel for an event like this), there are some here: http://www.ingerid.no/2014/09/agility-vm-2014.html

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