Agility dogs against war

Sigurd made this logo just for the symbolic value, to add to the t-shirts for the team shirts for Team Norway going to World Agility Open in may. We figured someone else might want to do the same, and the response was huge!

  1. You get this logo for free, but we ask you to donate a suitable amount (for example $5 per shirt or other type of use) to charity, like or one from this list:
  2. We would also love it if you tag us (@ingerid_otw and @sigurd_otw on instagram, on facebook we’re OTWagility) and/or use #agilitydogsagainstwar – to help others join and spread the message.
  3. Here are a few different file formats in a google drive folder. If you want to edit the logo, add different formats or edits, please email them to me so I can add them to the folder (ingerid.klaveness(at)

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