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We went to see the puppy yesterday. She was as good as the breeder had told me, and she came home with us. She seemed very happy, curious and confident (and still is, here in our house). When I tested her, she was crazy… Continue Reading “Puppy!”


We’re in the middle of descision making 🙂 There miiight be a puppy arriving here soon! It’s Sigurd’s turn to have a dog, and it is time for a bird hunting dog. We have a cabin in between the mountains and forrests of Telemark,… Continue Reading “Puppy?”

Ingerid Margrete

Ok so this is me. I was born in Oslo in 1986, and still live in Norway (take a peek at a world map, its the looong, mountainy country to the north). I study at a university called (my translation) “The Norwegian University of… Continue Reading “Ingerid Margrete”