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My world collapsing

Storm fell on his head today. He has been in Horten with Sigurd and Bris the last couple of days, and today Sigurd walked in on him standing on the table. Storm got scared when Sigurd entered, and tried to jump to the floor,… Continue Reading “My world collapsing”


Ok… I realize I’ve been a lousy blogger lately. Apologies for that!So this is what’s going on: Bris: very cute, very crazy, very big! All the usual puppy stuff, lots of training. My goal with a new puppy is always that they get to… Continue Reading “Update…”

Sad message…

As I mentioned before, I was going to Laxmi yesterday to get Orkan checked because he’s been a bit out of his ordinairy self lately (tired, not wanting to do anything). Turns out he probably has hip dysplasia… Really sad…We’re doing x-rays as soon… Continue Reading “Sad message…”